In keeping with its vision, Enigma Technologies has honed its technical manpower to infuse 100% customer delight not only in providing value-for money products but also quality technical service delivery in the following areas:

Basic Services (Hardware Assembly, Software Installation, Troubleshooting)
Our on-site basic technical services are very much customer-driven. For our repair services, it starts with the diagnostics that will enable you to get informed on the real cause of your PC problem. Should you decide to forego the repair for reasons of impracticality, you will simply be charged a minimal diagnostics fee. Our Technical Staff would recommend only parts that are practical for your needs and within your budget. They will make sure that every product is configured to your preferences from your software requirements to your hardware specifications.

Network Connectivity
Our network connectivity service spans across both wired and wireless set-ups. It is based on sound topological design and optimum efficiency considerations that will ensure survivality and data integrity. We also provide network and data security as well as efficient network-attached storage solutions to complete the package.

Security and Surveillance Solutions
Closed-circuit television has advanced to a point that this technology has become an inexpensive necessity for businesses and homes all over the country. In fact, certain cities and municipalities in the country have issued ordinances requiring certain business owners to have security cameras installed in their establishments. We at Enigma Technologies have responded to your need and have diversified our products and service lines to include security and surveillance solutions. We offer a full package of DVR & Camera set-up, network cabling and software installation. Definitely, we would like to become your partner in guarding your home and your source of livelihood.

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